Friday, February 26, 2010

Rare Cloud Formations

There seem to be an increasing number of reports of strange clouds being sighted, often in association with earthquakes and of course, big storms. Before the 8.0 Sichuan quake of 2008, photos were taken of strange luminescent 'rainbow' clouds near the epicenter, and this phenomenon has reportedly occurred with more recent quakes.

We're also hearing more frequently about unusual cloud formations, sometimes associated with severe weather systems that later manifest in the region. While these formations look extremely strange to the average person, Nephologists (meteorologists specializing in clouds) seem to be familiar with most of the formations, which have names and descriptions.

It would be helpful to know if there's a measurable correlation between the appearance of rare or unusual clouds and earthquakes, mega-storms, magnetospheric activity, or meteors – in other words, a correlation between strange clouds and the possible influences of Planet X.

While I know there's a ton of material out there on clouds and the chemtrails issue, I'm not likely to get into that material here. I have little doubt that we're being sprayed, and could easily believe it's ill-motivated, as per all the most popular conspiracy theories. But the theory I find most beguiling is whether Big Bro wants to block our view of things in the firmament that the citizens might find very disturbing.

So, we'll begin to archive photos and event data on some of the stranger clouds being observed out there, and we'll see if any patterns emerge. Here's the Clouds page.

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