Sudden & Violent Weather

Incidence of Unusual Weather

DEC 30, 2009 – 'Summer of Discontent' – Canada's whacked weather in 2009
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Snow Hurricanes & Land Hurricanes

FEB 25, 2010 – 'Snowicane' Hits Storm-Battered Northeast
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FEB 23, 2010 – Hurricane Force Snow Blizzard, U.S. East Coast
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Tornadic Activity

MAR 12, 2010 – Rare Tropical Cyclone Forms off Brazil, only 7th in Recorded History
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Torrential Rains & Flooding

APR 01, 2010 – 200-Year Flood Drowns New England Homes
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MAR 31, 2010 – Flooding Affects Roads, Train Service In Northeast
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FEB 21, 2010 – Portugal Floods Kill at Least 40, Displace 250
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FEB 20, 2010 – Madeira Island, Madrid - Floods And Landslides Kill Dozens
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Heavy Snow, Blizzards & Ice Storms

MAR 10, 2010 – Freak Snowstorm in Spain
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FEB 26, 2010 – Storm rakes East; more than 1 million in the dark
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JAN 27, 2010 – Heavy Snowstorm in Arizona, Airdrops to Native Americans
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Dust & Sand Storms

MAR 04, 2010 – Sandstorm Engulphs Rajasthan, India
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Richard Shindell

Waiting for the Storm

"I'm ready as I've ever been, I've done all one man can. No one now will rescue me, 'cause here I'll make my stand. The State Police, they came around, they said I should not stay. I thanked them for their kind concern and sent them on their way. I've made my preparations, there's nothing more to do, but sit here in this rocking chair waiting for the storm."

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