Monday, April 5, 2010

Magnetosphere may cause Storm Bands to Move along Fixed Latitudes

In a Dec 13, 2009 interview on the Dave Hodges show (RBN), Clif High ( suggested that with the Planet X factor, we're going to see storms move in horizontal bands around the planet.

Instead of a storm being localized, running it's course then moving off and dispersing, he suggests that current effects on the magnetosphere will create bands around the planet in which weather systems will get 'stuck'. Instead of dispersing, these storms will circle around the planet and keep hitting the same latitude locations, over and over.

The first mega-storm system to somewhat fit this description was in February 2010. Within a day of one another, we heard reports of two storm systems expected to hit, in Spain and Pennsylvania. In Pennsylvania, the AccuWeather folks are predicting a "snow hurricane". After-storm reports used the same language: "Hurricane Force Snow Blizzard, U.S. East Coast".

In Madrid, an equally nasty storm system hit: "Madeira Island, Madrid - Floods And Landslides Kill Dozens".

As it happens both locations sit at a 40° latitude:

Madrid, Spain
Latitude: 40°25'N
Longitude: 03°45'W

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Latitude: 40°37'N
Longitude: 77°42'W

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