Government Activity

FEB 26, 2010 - Solar Storms Could Be Earth's Next Katrina
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FEB 2010 - The Pentagon's Quadrennial Defense Review Report:
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AUG 31, 2007 - NASA Awards $74 Mil Contract for Employee Relocations
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MAY 6, 2005 - CIA Shifts Work to Denver
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Civil Security Measures

MAR 11, 2010 – Norway doomsday seed vault hits half million mark
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MAR 07, 2010 – What to do if disaster hits your trip
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FEB 15, 2010 – Denver Museum closing till 2012
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JAN 5, 2010 – Fresno Metropolitan Museum of Art & Science closes its doors
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JAN 29, 2010 - A million library books to be sent down the mines
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MAR 17, 2009 - Bodleian's books get a new home as millions of volumes move to Swindon
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Executive Orders

United Nations

Underground Shelters

SEP 2009 -- Underground Shelters Aren't for Dummies
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Transportation Corridors

Vatican Library and Observatory

2010 - Vatican Film Library - St. Louis, Missouri
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SEP 16, 2009 - Vatican Moves Observatory (within Vatican City)
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MAY 03, 2007 - Ancient Vatican library to close
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Ten Years After
I'd Love to Change the World
"Population keeps on breeding, nation bleeding, still more feeding economy. Life is funny, skies are sunny, bees make honey, who needs money, monopoly. I'd love to change the world, but I don't know what to do. So I'll leave it up to you."

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